New ECOSENSOR™ S/S 2022 collection

New ECOSENSOR™ S/S 2022 collection
Art.ESD0232F1 made with 20% of Bemberg™, 40% of recycled polyester and 40% of organic cotton.
On the left, Art.ESD0224S2 made with 100% recycled polyester; on the right, art.ESb0120S1 made with 100% recycled nylon
On the left, a knit made with 100% recycled polyester; on the right, a sportwear fabric realized with recycled polyester.

New ECOSENSOR™ S/S 2022 collection: high performance, comfort and versatile fabrics are bound to make an impact in creating a smart wardrobe

The vision that lies behind ECOSENSOR™ is bold and ambitious: to keep nature, body and mind in harmony. This ideal concept turns real in a versatile collection of eco – high-tech fabrics that embody new generation values of design, innovation and responsibility.

For its new S/S 2022 collection, ECOSENSOR™ by Asahi Kasei Advance has concentrated all its key values into a nature-driven and high-tech fabric collection that implement new generation values, respecting the environment and human being.

Versatility is at the core of the collection, providing a diversified range of technologies from circular knits to woven fabrics in different textures and finishing created to meet the different needs of the contemporary consumer who is looking for performance, durability, wellbeing together with responsible values.

In this sense, ECOSENSOR™ gathers many dimensions: sustainability, active climate control, exquisite touch, lightness, comfort and high performance that together co-habit the textiles. The commitment in building a totally sustainable offer is tangible and solid, as ECOSENSOR™ has set out to use only certified high-quality recycled materials in order to optimize and value at best the use of NEW resources for all its collection. Among the premium materials used we can find Bemberg™, the high-tech yarn born from the transformation of cotton linters through a fully circular, transparent and traceable process. It offers an amazing precious hand combined with optimal moisture management characteristics, and boasting biodegradability and GRS certification. And ROICA™ EF, the premium certified sustainable recycled stretch yarn by Asahi Kasei made from pre-consumer waste. The holistic responsible approach goes beyond, as dyeing and finishing processes focus on environmental-friendly impact being certified by OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 and/or bluesign®.

The innovative collection covers different applications: sportswear, urban wear, underwear and athleisure where the result is a high-tech, durable and stretch offer. Therefore, the collection suits perfectly 3 main categories:

  • INNERWEAR: structures are simple, comfortable, and essential with lightweight base layers. Fabrics are certified GRS ingredients: recycled polyamides and polyesters are mostly combined with ROICA™ EF sustainable recycled stretch yarn.
  •  SPORTWEAR: this range is perfect for the creation of lightweight, breathable and comfortable items for sportswear and athleisure. Fancy and dynamic structures, combining technical performance and stretch. We can find double-layer knits with 3D geometric pattern, where ingredients are recycled and certified GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certified.
  •  OUTERWEAR: Featuring an elegant and functional slub fabrics, this category has been designed to offer a more classic and casual choice. Some article are 100% Bemberg™, creating soft and high-quality fabrics extremely pleasant to the skin.Lightness is an important component that goes with the hand and also becomes wellbeing. Art.ESD0232F1 made with 20% of Bemberg™, 40% of recycled polyester and 40% of organic cotton.
    On the left, a knit made with 100% recycled polyester; on the right, a sportwear fabric realized with recycled polyester.

Product transparency and traceability are becoming increasingly important, and here too the new collection of ECOSENSOR™ proves to be up to the task of meeting the needs of contemporary consumers. This includes full knowledge of the supply chain, corporate responsibility at all levels and a strategic commitment granted by influential certifications such as GRS – Global Recycled Standard, bluesign® and STANDARD 100 by OEKO- TEX®.

A new force of nature committed in building a varied smart wardrobe for the contemporary consumer where the human, environmentally friendly and cutting-edge imprint meet this ultimate collection.

ECOSENSOR™ is partner of C.L.A.S.S. ecohub and will be available on C.L.A.S.S. SMART SHOP, the inspirational materials’ bank and samples’ e-shop, that includes a premium selection of the C.L.A.S.S. Material Hub’s materials, for students, designers and brands willing to explore and test sustainable fabrics from one little sample up to 50 metres.

The human, environmentally friendly and cutting-edge imprint of ECOSENSOR™ ultimate collection reflects a vision for a more responsible way of fabric manufacturing.

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